A young woman collapses in a restaurant

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Before the collapse

"... I have the right to a life too, David," screams a 26-year-old woman sat at a table in an Indian restaurant.


The waiter has already asked the couple to keep their voices down twice. In vain.


The man angrily stands up and goes to the bathroom. Meanwhile, the wife devours her husband's meal with exasperation. "Damn it," she mutters, banging the table with a clenched fist. 


When the man comes back from the toilet, his wife is not sitting at the table. He goes to pay, but when he comes back to get his things before leaving, he sees her body lying on the floor.


"Hell, Tanya, what´s happened to you?! Help me!" he shouts at the other diners. But he doesn't wait for them to react and immediately calls 112 himself. 


"Hutarek speaking, come quickly to the Indian restaurant, my wife is sick," he shouts agitatedly to the line 112 operator.

The woman is transported by a rescue ambulance to your office for emergency admission. What is your first diagnosis?

This virtual patient case was created on the basis of clinical practice outside the EU and may, therefore, include an off-label practice.

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